Morbidity, mortality and clinico-laboratory profile of COVID-19 related illness in children: a retrospective observational study from a tertiary care centre in India

Bijoy Patra, Manju Nimesh, Parasdeep Kaur, Sumantha Patil, Hema Gupta, Saria Jilowa, Dheeraj Bahl


Background: As India is poised for a third wave of SARS Co-V2 infection with a large unvaccinated pediatric population, it becomes imperative and pertinent for a study to find out its demographic, clinico-laboratory profile, and outcome in children with COVID-19 disease and its related illness.

Methods: This is a retrospective observational study undertaken for Children and Adolescent admitted in the department of pediatrics of a teaching and tertiary care referral hospital, Delhi.

Results: The median age of admitted children with COVID-19 disease was 11 years with an interquartile range 3 to 16 years. The median duration of hospital stay was 10 days (mean: 18±14 days). Mortality was 9/62 (14%). Recovery in non-severe (asymptomatic, mild, moderate) was 41/41 (100%), and in severe and critical illness including MISC was 42.8% (9/21). Mortality in severe and critical patients managed in SARI and COVID ward was 44% (8/18). Death among MISC patient in PICU was 33% (1/3). Difference in CRP rise was significant in severe and non-severe group of COVID-19 (p=0.017).

Conclusions: Even though the morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19 infection and related illness seems to be miniscule, the infection causes significant illness in the subgroup of children who requires hospitalization and can be fatal in those with comorbidity.


Morbidity, Mortality, Clinico-laboratory profile, COVID-19, MISC

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