Published: 2021-10-28

Emergency surgical management of sub-hepatic appendicular perforation with abscess; rare presentation of a common disease: a case report

S. K. Sekendar Ali, Narendra Nath Mukhopadhyay


Subhepatic appendicitis is a very rare presentation that has been rarely reported, accounting for 0.01% of acute appendicitis case. It is difficult to diagnose and prime to be aware of variants, manage such challenging case in emergency setting. We present a case of 29 years male patient with subhepatic perforated appendicitis and its sequelae-abscess and peritonitis who underwent an exploratory laparotomy and appendectomy. The initial diagnosis and surgical management of such patients is challenging due to very rare and atypical presentation in emergency setting. A high level of clinical suspicion, promote decision to operate and skillful surgical approach is discussed with briefly.


Appendicitis, Subhepatic appendix, Appendicular perforation, Malrotation caecal pole

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