Intentional replantation: case report

Cristhal Duque-Urióstegui, Luis A. Alvarez Hernández, Yanirethe I. Muñoz-Ramírez, Verónica Vallejo Ochoa, Noemí Méndez Hernández, Karen I. González Madó, Emmanuel Poceros Angeles, Carlos Briseño Flores, Carla B. Duque-Urióstegui, Alicia M. Corona Maya, Gabriela Castañeda-Palacios, Baltazar Barrera-Mera, Alan I. Valderrama -Treviño


Intentional reimplantation is a procedure in which an intentional tooth extraction is performed followed by reinsertion of the extracted tooth. We present the case of a 50-year-old male patient who came to the consultation due to incrustation detachment in tooth #37, when performing the radiographic study an extensive apical lesion was observed in tooth #36 with a sinuous path and the presence of purulent exudate. The tooth #36 was extracted, apicoectomy, retro preparation and retrograde filling were carried out for later reimplantation, showing bone regeneration after one year of evolution.


Dental reimplantation, Dental extraction, Dental ankylosis, Periapical surgery, Apicoectomy, Retrograde filling

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