Published: 2021-12-28

Guillain-Barré syndrome associated with COVID- 19 vaccination: a case report

Vinod John, Jiya Thankam Koshy, Nikhil Gladson, Vimod K. Wills


Several reports and studies are being conducted to this day based on the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines. COVID-19 vaccination inducing GBS is a rare adverse effect and is likely to be causal. Though, there are reports concerning the relation between coronavirus infections and GBS, the pathogenic mechanism and relevant factors behind COVID-19 vaccines inducing GBS are still not being corroborated so far. Guillain-Barre syndrome is the principal cause of acute flaccid paralysis with a prevalence rate of 2 in 100, 000 people per year. We illustrate a 55 years old female patient who presented with acute onset paraesthesia and progressive weakness of bilateral lower limbs and gait imbalance of 5 days duration to the Hospital during the first week of September. Her symptoms occurred within 2 weeks of the first dose of the ChAdOx1-n-CoV-19 (Covishield) vaccine proving a major possibility of vaccine-induced neurological adverse effect as she didn't have any likely significant history of illness or allergies in the past rather than type 2 diabetes mellitus. This report aims to highlight the incidence and to ruminate upon this matter while evaluating any GBS cases in the current eras of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination.


Guillain-Barre syndrome, COVID-19 vaccine, AIDP, ChAdOx1-n-CoV-19, Covishield

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