Published: 2017-01-03

The effect of awareness program on knowledge and practice regarding breast cancer early detection among women at Wad Nubaui, in Omdurman locality, North Sudan

Rehab Ahmed Hussien, Howeida Hassan Abusalih, Ayda Hussein


Background:Breast cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer among Sudanese women, 80% - 85% of breast cancer patients presented with late advanced disease. This highlights the need for increased community awareness about breast cancer and the need for early detection. The Study aimed to determine the effect of awareness program on knowledge and practice regarding breast cancer early detection among women at Wad Nubaui Omdurman Locality- North Sudan.

Methods: Experimental pre and after study design was conducted. A total of 69 women were included. Awareness program was administrated by health workers for six month. The knowledge and practice regarding breast cancer early detection was measured by means of structured questionnaire before and after the awareness program. Data was analyzed using computer software program, statistical package for social sciences. Ethical approval was taken from Medical specialization board and Khartoum State ministry of health ethical review board and informed consent was taken from each participant.

Results: There was a significant improvement in knowledge regarding, over all knowledge {CI 95%, -0.77 to -0.15}, risk factors knowledge {CI 95%, -6.4 to -16.0}, and. Change in breast self-examination practicing from pre- to post-test was statistically significant (P<0.001).

Conclusions: Results support the feasibility and effectiveness of the community base Awareness programs intervention in increasing the knowledge of breast cancer and attitude towards breast self-examination.



Breast cancer, Early detection, Breast self-examination, Clinical breast examination, Awareness program, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice

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