Stress-related cardiomyopathy due to anaphylaxis to iodinated contrast media during arteriography procedures in diabetic patient

Ketut Suryana, I Gede Yudha Kartika


Anaphylaxis is an acute, severe systemic allergic reaction that can be potentially fatal. It can often transition to refractory hemodynamic instability (new onset myocardial dysfunction/ left ventricular dysfunction/LVD). Stress-related cardiomyopathy (SRC) is now emerging as a significant contributor of myocardial dysfunction and has multifactorial etiologies, including the excessive catecholamine released in intense stress conditions. It is also more likely to occur in middle aged/ postmenopausal woman. This rare case report, a SRC caused by contrast-induced anaphylaxis within 30 minutes post artheriography procedures. Management of anaphylaxis should be prompt and precise because it is considered as a medical emergency with a rapid onset of disease and potentially progress to cardiovascular and respiratory collapse causing death.


Anaphylaxis, Allergic reaction, Iodinated contras media, Adrenaline, SRC

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