Published: 2022-02-25

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and well-being of resident doctors in Jammu and Kashmir: a cross-sectional study

Asma Jabeen, Shazia Chowdhary, Amrit Rai Badgal, Sakib Arfee


Background: After its first detection in China SARS-COV-2 which is also known as COVID-19 has imposed significant impact on healthcare system. Not only has this affected the mental health of young resident doctors who work as the primary contact to these patients and frontline workers during this pandemic it has also significantly increased their psychological distress among them. Aim of our study was to evaluate the adverse impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and well-being of resident doctors working in the major tertiary care hospitals of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in 4 major tertiary care hospitals of North India. This study was based on a questionnaire form filled by 400 resident doctors who are presently undergoing training in above mentioned hospitals. Psychological impact was assessed using depression, anxiety and stress scale-21 (DASS-21). The final results were based on the inference drawn these forms and analysed using SPSS version 26.

Results: Total of 400 questionnaire forms handed over 391 residents reverted back. Among these 391, 47% were females and 53% males. 32% of the total respondents were senior residents and 68 were working as junior residents. Regarding the working during pandemic a total of 54.6% worked overtime and 23.6% were in direct contact with RTPCR confirmed COVID patients. Statistically significant number of residents were categorized as having anxiety and stress levels with statistically non-significant data related to depression.

Conclusions: Resident doctors are adversely affected during these difficult times of COVID pandemic taking into the consideration both psychologically and academically. A similar study at the larger scale especially at national level may give us more effective understanding of the working conditions of frontline warriors and necessary steps which should be taken to reduce the long-term consequences.


COVID-19 pandemic, Resident doctors, Mental impact

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