Published: 2022-05-27

Disseminated abdominal tuberculosis, an unusual presentation in a healthy adolescent: a case report

Cesar Manuel Vargas Sahagun, Elsa Paulina Alonso López, Cuauhtémoc Morfín Vela


Disseminated abdominal tuberculosis is a rare and highly complex disease. With a very low incidence of 2.5% of patient with extrapulmonary tuberculosis and no detected in a timely manner reaches up to a mortality of 8%. We present a rare case of disseminated abdominal tuberculosis in an adolescent that began as a splenic abscess managed with open surgery and clinical-surgical finding of disseminated tuberculosis in the abdominal cavity.


Tuberculosis, Abdominal tuberculosis, Spleen, Abscess, Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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