Published: 2022-08-29

Unilateral enlarged and bifid transverse process of an atypical lumbar vertebra: a case study

Gyanaranjan Nayak


Sometimes the atypical lumbar vertebra (L5) may articulate with underlying bones like ilium and sacrum. This may give rise to low back pain in the concerned subject. An atypical lumbar vertebra with unilateral bifid transverse process was encountered by the author during routine osteology classes of MBBS students and it was thoroughly examined. On gross examination of the said vertebra, a facet measuring 1.9 cm in maximum length and 0.8 cm in maximum breadth could be observed on the inferior surface of the anterior part of the bifid transverse process. The altered morphology of the vertebra indicates the possible articulation of its transverse process with the underlying ilium or sacrum leading to low back pain (probable cause of Bertolotti’s syndrome).



Bertolotti’s syndrome, Backache, Lumbosacral transitional vertebra

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