A study to find out relationship in between ankle brachial index and severity of coronary artery disease as assessed by SYNTAX score

Vishwa Deepak Tripathi, Avishek Saha, Madhumita Kuila, Ranjan Kumar Sharma


Background: Peripheral arterial disease and coronary artery disease shares common risk factors for Etiopathogenesis. Present study is designed to find out relationship between ankle brachial index (ABI) and SYNTAX Score.

Methods: Total 100 consecutive patients of stable coronary artery disease in whom angiography was indicated were taken for the study. ABI was measured by using 8 MHz vascular Doppler before coronary angiography and SYNTAX SCORE was calculated by using online SYNTAX score calculator. Statistical analysis was done by SPSS 21 software.

Results: There was significant correlation in between low ABI and presence of triple vessel disease in comparison to presence of single or double vessel disease for which it was not significant. (P<0.001) There was significant correlation in between high SYNTAX score >32 and low ABI group (P=0.005) although this relationship was not seen in case of low and intermediate SYNTAX Score and low ABI.

Conclusions: presence of low ABI signifies presence of high SYNTAX Score and presence of triple vessel disease.


ABI, SYNTAX score, Peripheral arterial disease, Ankle brachial index

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