Published: 2017-01-04

A comparative study between the still births and full term normal deliveries based on the clinical history of mother

Preksha Sharma, Sangita Chauhan, Shreya Sharma, Parul Pahal


Background: To study the impact of duration of pregnancy, obstetrical history of mother and age of the mother on foetal outcome in still birth and full term normal deliveries.

Methods: After taking due permission from the ethical committee the study was conducted in the S.M.S. Medical College and attached group of hospitals.

Results: Following parameters were recorded: (1) duration of pregnancy (in weeks): it was found that females reporting with still births have significantly lowered weeks of gestation; (2) obstetrical history: it was found that both groups were well comparable without any significant difference neither in gravidity nor in parity; (3): age of the mother: there was no significant (p>0.05) difference found in mean age of females of both the groups.

Conclusions: Knowledge about the various factors leading to still birth is important so that that maximum attention could be paid on these causative factors so as to improve the outcome.


Still birth, Clinical history, Full term normal delivery

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