Intradermal antirabies vaccination: a cost-effective method


  • Kiran R. Rohi Department of Community Medicine, R.G.M.C. Kalwa, Thane, Maharashtra, India



Antirabies vaccination, Cost effective, Intradermal, Intramuscular


Background: Compliance to post-exposure vaccination is crucial to achieve optimum level of antibody titers. The present study was planned to assess the cost effectiveness of 4 dose intradermal regimen over 5 dose intramuscular regimen. The objective of present study is to reveal cost effectiveness of intradermal regimen over intramuscular PEP regimen

Methods: Hospital record based study. Patients who attended antirabies clinic from Jan 2010 to Dec 2010 were studied. 2051 patients who were given Inj. PCECV by intradermal route formed the study group. Pearson’s Chi square test was used as a test of significance.

Results: 2051 patients were studied.1741 (84.9%) patients were male.1907 (92.9%) were dog bites. 1277(62.3%) were stray dog bites. 1516 (58.0%) were class III dog bites.1313 (68.2%) were non-observable dog bites.1711 (88.7%) were provoked dog bites. Most common site of dog bite was over the lower limb i.e.1350 (70.2%).1255 (65.3%) patients completed the 4 dose regimen. This is in stark contrast to previous evidence from our centre in which a compliance of 40.2% to the intramuscular regimen was evident. (Pearson X2 = 180.94, df= 1, p< 0.0001). Cost effectiveness favored intradermal regimen over intramuscular regimen.

Conclusions: It was observed intradermal regimen had more cost effectiveness compared to intramuscular regimen.


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