Van Wyk Grumbach syndrome - a rare association of a common prepubertal condition

Mukta Waghmare, Hemanshi Shah, Vikrant Kumbhar, Shalika Jayaswal


Van Wyk Grumbach syndrome is a sequel of long standing untreated primary hypothyroidism. It occurs in both sexes. In boys, it is associated with testicular enlargement. Girls present with features of early onset menarche, enlarged bilateral multicystic ovaries and delayed skeletal growth. Prompt replacement therapy with Thyroxine corrects the menstrual abnormality and the ovaries also return to normal over a period of time. We describe an unusual case of irregular vaginal bleeding, giant bilateral ovarian cysts and delayed bone age in a young girl due to severe hypothyroidism who promptly responded to levo-thyroxine.


Van Wyk Grumbach, Hypothyroidism, Pre-pubertal girls, Ovarian cysts

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