Stanford type B aortic dissection in a middle aged female in civil hospital Karachi, Pakistan

Fahad Khan, Sundus Akhtar, Syeda Ramsha Zaidi


Aortic dissection is a potentially catastrophic illness that presents very rarely usually in sixth or seventh decade. There are two types of dissection; Stanford type A, which is treated surgically while type B is managed pharmacologically. Mortality is high for both types of aortic dissections.  However, when an aortic dissection is detected early and treated promptly, the chance of survival greatly improves.  It usually presents as a sharp tearing pain radiating to interscapular region but can also present atypically hence a high index of clinical suspicion is needed. We register a case a 50 year old female who was a known case of HTN presented with complain of dyspnea. On further investigation she was found to have aortic dissection involving descending aorta. She was managed conservatively but unfortunately died.


Aortic dissection, Descending aorta, Stanford type B, Dyspnea, Atypical

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