Study to evaluate the role of laparoscopy in chronic abdominal pain

Vikash Lal, Sandesh Deolekar, Tanveer Parvez Shaikh, Pranav Narayan


Background:Patients with chronic abdominal pain can undergo numerous diagnostic tests with little change in their pain. This study was under taken to assess the efficacy of performing diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy in patients with chronic abdominal pain for longer than 12 weeks.  

Methods:All patients undergoing laparoscopy for chronic abdominal pain were included in the study for a period of 1 year from Nov. 2011 to Oct. 2012. The patient’s demographic data, length of time with pain, diagnostic studies, intraoperative findings, interventions and follow-up were determined.  

Results:A total of 25 patients (19 women and 6 men) with an average age of 34.64 years underwent diagnostic laparoscopy for the evaluation and treatment of chronic abdominal pain. The average length of time with pain was 32.96 weeks (range 12-96). 2 cases required conversion to an open procedure and no complications occurred. Findings included abdominal Koch's in 9, appendicitis in 8, cholecystitis in 1, cirrhosis in 1; ovarian cyst in 1, bilateral fimbrial cyst in 1 and 4 patients had no obvious pathology. 82.6% of patients had pain relief at the time of follow up.  

Conclusion:Laparoscopy has a diagnostic and therapeutic role in patients with chronic pain abdomen.



Chronic abdominal pain, Diagnostic laparoscopy, Abdominal Koch’s, Abdominal tuberculosis

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