Spinal intradural extramedullary mature cystic teratoma in young adult: a rare tumor with review of literature

Ashuvi Kunjan Agay, Sunil Garg, Ketan Hedaoo


Spinal intradural extramedullary teratoma is a rare condition that develops more commonly in children than in adults. We report a rare case of adult onset intradural extramedullary teratoma in the thoracolumbar spinal cord with no evidence of spinal dysraphism and without the history of prior spinal surgery. The patient was a 20 year young adult male whose chief complaint was back pain and urinary incontinence. X-ray images of the thoraco-lumbar spine showed no abnormalities. Magnetic resonance imagings of spine revealed a well marginated cystic intradural extramedullary mass at the D11 to D12 vertebral levels. The patient was operated and the mass was totally excised. It was histopathologically diagnosed as a mature cystic teratoma. The patient's symptom of back pain and urinary incontinence was improved following the surgery.



Mature cystic teratoma, Intradural- extramedullary, Young adult

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