Bilateral stroke: unpaired anterior cerebral artery infarct rare presentation

Kekathi Vidyasagar, Sandhyapogu Lakshmi Bai, P. Venkataswamy, S. Chandrasekhar, Vaddera Sameeraja, Ravikaladhar Reddy


ACA territory is an uncommon site for occlusive vascular strokes. Small degree of asymmetry of anterior arteries is present in 80% of patients. Common variants of anterior cerebral arteries include aplasia or hypoplasia of A1 segment. Hypoplasia is found in 10% and aplasia in 1-2% of postmortem examinations.  Of all ischemic strokes ACA territory strokes constitutes only 0.6 to 3%. Bilateral ischemic stroke in unpaired ACA is rare entity. We report a case of unpaired ACA due to hypoplasia of right ACA, presenting as stuttering hemiplegia with bilateral focal neurological deficit.


Unpaired ACA, Bilateral stroke, Hypoplasia, Aplasia

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