Thoracic outlet syndrome due to compression of subclavian artery at first rib

Akshay Hemant Shah, Sudhanshu R. Vyas, Amit Dhond, Ravindra G. Khedekar, Sunil H. Shetty


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) refers to a constellation of signs and symptoms that arise from compression of the neurovascular bundle within the confined space of the thoracic outlet. Neurogenic (nTOS) from brachial plexus compression (95%), venous (vTOS) from subclavian vein compression (3%), & arterial (aTOS) from subclavian artery compression (1%). Most common clinical presentation of aTOS patients is distal upper extremity arterial emboli in otherwise healthy patient. Presenting a case report of arterial thoracic outlet syndrome. 


Thoracic outlet syndrome, Arterial thoracic outlet syndrome, aTOS, Compression of subclavian artery

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