Bilateral thalamic infarcts presenting oculomotor nerve palsy: case report

Hari Babu Ramineni, Seshabala Mukiri, Poornima Jammula, Vidyadhara Suryadevara


Bilateral thalamic infarctions are rare; oculomotor nerve palsy can be the result of direct or indirect damage to the oculomotor nerve. We report a case of oculomotor nerve palsy associated with changes in visual pattern and speech disturbances. There is no loss of consciousness. A computed tomography scan of brain showed acute bilateral thalamic infarct. Oculomotor nerve palsies with pupillary involvement warrant thorough investigation and there is no treatment to re-establish function of the weak nerve other than the body’s own healing process.


Oculomotor nerve palsy, Speech disturbance, Visual disturbances

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