Published: 2016-12-16

Ruptured ileal mesenteric dermoid mimicking acute abdomen:a clinical report

Mayukh Chakraborty, Sanghamitra Chakraborty


Mature cystic teratoma is the uncommon variety of rare mesenteric cysts. Dermoid cysts of the intestine are mostly asymptomatic. Till date incidence of symptomatic mesenteric cyst (only 21 cases) is rare and most of them are asymptomatic. Here we report a case of ruptured mesenteric dermoid cyst in a 15 year old male child who presented with acute abdomen. This case shows ruptured dermoid cyst may mimic appendicitis and a high degree of clinical suspicion and radiological back up may clinch the diagnosis.


Appendicitis, Dermoid, Mesenteric cyst, Teratoma

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