Borderline mucinous ovarian tumour – a rare bilateral presentation

Jayawant W. Mahadani, Surabhi S. Kulkarni, Nilima D. Lodha, Nigar Fatema M. Khan


Surface epithelial tumours are the most common ovarian tumours. According to the cell type, surface epithelial tumours can be serous, mucinous, endometrioid etc. Mucinous tumours of ovary are the neoplasms characterized by glandular, cystic architecture and are lined to variable extents by mucin-containing epithelium. Further these tumours are sub-classified into benign, borderline and malignant category. Typically, borderline tumours are non-invasive neoplasms that have nuclear abnormalities and mitotic activity intermediate between benign and malignant tumours of similar cell type. Borderline ovarian tumours are clinical entities less frequently encountered by pathologists and gynaecologists. Mucinous borderline ovarian tumours are among the most difficult ovarian neoplasms for surgical pathologists to interpret. They occur in younger women and present at an early stage. However, borderline tumours are difficult to diagnose correctly preoperatively using imaging methods because their macroscopic features overlap with invasive and benign ovarian tumours. Most importantly, these tumours have a superior prognosis when compared with ovarian carcinomas stage for stage. The borderline tumours may be of intestinal type or mullerian (endocervical like) type. The intestinal type tumours are by far the most common. Approximately 5% of the borderline mucinous tumours are bilateral. We here report a rare case of bilateral borderline mucinous tumours diagnosed on histopathology.


Borderline, Intestinal type, Mucinous, Mullerian type, Ovarian

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