Management of facial bacal cell carcinoma in rural hospital: a case report


  • Egi G. Islami Department of Emergency, Bunda Hospital, Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Audina R. Putri Department of Emergency, Wijayakusuma Army Hospital, Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Yuhantoro B. Handoyo Sakti Department of Surgery, Purwokerto Islamic Hospital, Banyumas, Central Java, Indonesia



Skin cancer, Basal cell carcinoma, Surgical excision


Basal cell carcinoma is usually a slow-growing tumor for which metastases are rare. Basal Cell Carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer around 75-80%. We present the case of A 87-year-old woman presented with a chief complaint of a reddish-brown nodule on the right side of her face. The complaint has been about 4 months, initially small in size as a mole but grew progressively to its current size. It is known that his daily work is as a farmer. However, one of the main problems of BCC is the cosmetic appearance, especially in the facial area.


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Islami, E. G., Putri, A. R., & Sakti, Y. B. H. (2024). Management of facial bacal cell carcinoma in rural hospital: a case report. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 12(6), 2110–2112.



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