Published: 2017-02-20

Accuracy of Siriraj stroke scale in the diagnosis of stroke subtypes among stroke patients

Abhilash Somasundaran, Hashik Mohammed, Jayaraj Kezhukatt, Alvin Treasa George, S. Narayanan Potty


Background: Early detection of intracranial blood is essential for the rational use of anti hemostatic drugs in stroke patients. CT scan is quite expensive as well as it is not easily available especially in the rural areas. Clinical stroke scores were developed to overcome these limitations. Aim of present study is to identify the stroke subtype using Siriraj stroke scoring and thus asses its accuracy by comparing with CT scan reports.

Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in a tertiary centre that evaluated 464 patients admitted with a diagnosis of stroke. Siriraj Stroke score was calculated for each patient and a CT scan of brain was also taken. The results of diagnosis made by Siriraj stroke scoring were compiled and compared with the diagnosis obtained by CT Scan.

Results: Of the total 464 patients, the incidence of hemorrhagic stroke was 27.8% and ischemic stroke was 72.2%, as per the CT scan reports, while the Siriraj stroke score diagnosed 16.8% patients to have hemorrhagic stroke and 74.6% to have ischemic stroke and no definite diagnosis was made in rest of the patients (8.6%). The sensitivity of the scoring was found to be 59.2% in diagnosing hemorrhagic stroke and 95.5% in ischemic stroke.

Conclusions: Our study has shown that siriraj stroke scoring has a high degree of accuracy in detecting both types of strokes, with roughly 80% of both hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes being correctly identified. However there is a low sensitivity in diagnosing hemorrhagic strokes and higher sensitivity in diagnosing ischemic strokes.


Computerised tomography, Hemorrhagic, Ischemic

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