Retained intrauterine device, Lippes loop intrauterine device, for 40 years as unusual cause of chronic pelvic pain in 70 years old woman in Western Ethiopia

Temesgen Tilahun Bekabil


Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP) is defined as chronic or persistent pain perceived in structures related to the pelvis for at least 6 months. This condition accounts for 10% of all outpatient gynecology visits and it significantly affects patients’ health. Etiologies of chronic pelvic pain are multifactorial in nature and vary with patients’ age. But retained intrauterine device in the uterus beyond its expiry date was not reported as the cause of chronic pelvic pain in postmenopausal age group. This case is presented to show that retained (expired) intrauterine device left in situ in postmenopausal woman could cause chronic pelvic pain. In conclusion, intrauterine devices in situ should be remembered at menopause and removed per the guideline before it causes problems and unnecessary interventions.


Intrauterine device, Chronic pelvic pain

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