Comparison between score recording in traditional method and indigenous technique during evaluation in viva voce

Naresh Dharamrai Balani, Narendra Prabhakar Bachewar, Ketan Yashwant Asawale


Background: Viva voce which is integral part of practical examination plays important role in evaluation during practical examination in pharmacology. Existing traditional method has disadvantages of subjectivity, less accuracy, no documentary record of performance and is exhaustive for examiners.

Methods: In this study we compared a newly designed code conversion technique with traditional method of viva voce evaluation on second MBBS Pharmacology students. Those appearing for pre-university examination in the department were observed for both the methods of evaluation.

Results: It is observed that there were cases of overvaluation and undervaluation indicating subjectivity in traditional method evaluation while documentary recording and accuracy possible in code conversion technique.

Conclusion: Thus code conversion technique has potential to replace traditional method evaluation as it minimizes all disadvantages of traditional method to make fair and more accurate assessment of students during viva voce part of practical examination. The only drawback of prolonged result complication time can well be adjusted at the university end.


Code conversion (CC) technique, Medical education technology, Practical examination, Viva voce

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