Published: 2017-01-09

Pattern of lymphadenopathy in fine needle aspiration cytology: a retrospective study

Gayathri MN, Sakshi Chaurasia, Bharathi M, Shashidhar HB


Background: Lymphadenopathy is of great clinical significance as underlying disease may range from treatable infectious etiology to malignant neoplasm. In fact it is also essential to establish that swelling in question is lymph node. Incidence of lymphadenopathy appears to be increasing especially among young adults all over the world. Inflammatory and immune reaction are most frequent cause of lymph node enlargement and are self limiting in majority of cases. Lymphnode are also affected as a result of primary neoplasm or from metastasis of malignant neoplasm from regional and distant organ.

Aims: Study different cytomorphological patterns associated with various lymphadenopathy and spectrum of lesion with respect to age and sex.

Methods: A total of 1774 cases came for FNAC of lymphnode in the Department of Pathology, MMC & RI, MYSORE from NOV 2011 to OCT 2014 were retrieved and studied retrospectively.

Results: Out of total cases, 908 were males and 865 females with age range from 3mth to 90 years with maximum number of cases diagnosed with reactive lymphadenopathy (26.2%) followed by metastatic lymphadenopathy (21.2%), Non specific lymphadenitis (18.5%), granulomatous lymphadenitis (14.65%), tuberculous lymphadenitis (14.65%), suppurative lymphadenitis (3.94%) and lymphoma(0.73%).

Conclusion: FNAC recognized as a diagnostic technique because of simplicity, cost effectiveness, easily availability of results, accuracy and minimal invasion. With the advent of FNAC most of inflammatory, reactive and neoplastic condition can be diagnosed without biopsy.



FNAC, Lymphadenopathy

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