Insulin resistance in sub clinical hypothyroidism


  • Shyam Rameshwar Adhau Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, S.K.N.M.C & G.H., Narhe, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Sunita Girish Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, B.J.G.M.C, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Gaurav Shashikant Kansara Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Dr. R.N.C.M.M.C & G.H, Juhu Vile Parle (W), Mumbai Maharashtra



Insulin resistance, Subclinical Hypothyroidism, HOMA-IR


Background: Insulin resistance (IR) is an established risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. It is an underlying phenomenon in pathogenesis of type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Recent literature proves the development of insulin resistance in Overt hypothyroidism (OH), but there is controversy as to whether this association is also present in sub clinical hypothyroidism (SCH).

Aims: Present study was designed to explore the presence IR in SCH.

Settings & design: The study included 60 hypothyroidism patients and 30 age and sex matched euthyroid controls. Hypothyroidism patients were grouped as SCH (n=30) and OH (n=30).

Methods: We examined total cholesterol levels, fasting blood glucose, fasting serum insulin levels and Insulin resistance (calculated by using HOMA-IR software).

Statistical analysis: All statistical data was analysed by ANOVA using the Graph Pad Prism software, Version 5.01.

Results: HOMA-IR values showed highly significant association between controls and SCH. TSH levels were positively correlated with insulin and HOMA IR in patients with SCH.

Conclusions: Therefore, it will be good practice to screen people &Type 2 DM patients for presence of SCH, so that early detection and prompt intervention can prevent or prolong the appearance of various fatal complications associated with IR & help in managing diabetes holistically.



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