Pancreatoblastoma with multiple peritoneal metastases: a rare entity with atypical presentation and review of literature


  • Vijay Kumar Verma Department of Radiodiagnosis, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  • Keerthi Kocherla Department of Radiodiagnosis, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh



Pancreatoblastoma, Hepatoblastoma, Alpha fetoprotein, Ultrasonography, Computed tomography


Pancreatoblastoma is a rare primary pancreatic neoplasm that predominantly effects young children and characterized by unique clinical features. Its biological behavior is aggressive with frequent local invasion and metastases. Only hundred cases have been reported in medical literature and its radiological features have been infrequently studied. We report the sonographic, contrast enhanced computed tomography findings of pancreatoblastoma in a 3 year old boy.


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