Published: 2017-01-10

A study of knowledge and practice regarding Hepatitis B among nursing students attending tertiary care hospitals in Agartala city

Taranga Reang, Tanushree Chakraborty, Mousumi Sarker, Amar Tripura


Background: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a global problem and more than 350 million HBV carriers in the world. The objective of the study is to assess awareness, practice of selected nursing students regarding risk for contracting hepatitis B and self-reported vaccination status.

Methods: A Cross sectional study was conducted among 300 selected nursing students of AGMC & GBP Hospital, TMC and Dr BRAM Teaching Hospital and Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Agartala during Jan to March 2015.

Results: 73.3% were females and majority of them were within the age group 19-22 years (50.2%) with a mean age of 21.07 years (SD±2.321). Mean age of male and female were 21.52 (SD±2.320) & 20.90 (SD±2.315) years respectively. Majority (99.7%) of participants knew Hepatitis B is a virus. The mean knowledge score was 16.2 (SD±3.209) (p=0.000). Majority (92.7%) knew that Hepatitis B is transmissible and 63.1% of them were aware that Hepatitis B transmission was possible through unsafe sex, infected blood/body fluid contaminated syringe, needle & scalpel. Almost eighty five percent (84.7%) respondents were vaccinated with three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine. Majority of the participants had accidental injuries (53.4%) case while at work and tested for HBV (75.0%). Among those who exposed were consulted doctors; used needle destroyer; vaccinated with 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine and used sterile gloves while performing work especially while dealing with blood and body fluid.

Conclusion: Inspite of having good knowledge their practice for prevention of hepatitis B was not satisfactory.



Knowledge, Practice, Hepatitis B, Nursing students, Tertiary care Hospitals

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