Urinoma: a rare complication of ureteral calculi

Raj Gautam, Tanveer Shaikh, Niket Attarde, Shitiz Gupta, Jatin Wani, Mithilesh Mahesh Ghosalkar, Sharique Ansari, Sridevi Murali


Urinoma is a collection of extravasated urine either in renal subcapsular or perirenal space. It is caused by obstructive and non-obstructive pathologies. It is rare; with trauma as most common cause in adults and ureteral stones as least common. It mimics symptoms of ureteral stone. CT KUB is best modality to detect it. Here we present a case of ureteral calculi leading to urinomas formation in a 42 years old male patient present with retention of urine and pain in left flank region with nausea, vomiting and fever.


Urinoma, Renal trauma, Ureteral calculi, UTI

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