Published: 2017-01-12

Add on dexmedetomidine in the treatment of severe alcohol withdrawal in a patient of emergency laparotomy

Roshan Madan Shende, Bhushan Mohanrao Ambare, Narendra Prabhakar Bachewar, Damodar Patwardhan


According to American statistics 90% of people drink alcohol at some time in life. The estimated prevalence of alcohol abuse among hospitalized in patients is 20 % and 10- 33 % in patients admitted to the ICU. Approximately 18% of these patients will develop alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) whose symptoms can include physical and psychological manifestations that range from mild to life threatening. Although AWS has been reported in literature in post-operative periods and in intensive care unit, there is less information on treatment and preparing of a patient with AWS, coming for emergency surgical procedure. The surgical stress and deranged liver functions possess an additional challenge to the anesthesiologist. Here we are reporting the successful management of a case of delirium tremens by using Dexmedetomidine in pre, intra and post-operative period in a patient with hollow viscous perforation for emergency laparotomy.


Alcoholic withdrawal syndrome, Delirium tremens, Dexmedetomidine, Emergency laparotomy

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