Published: 2017-01-14

A histopathological study of non-malignant breast lesions

Smita Pudale, Sachin Digambar Tonape


Background: The study was undertaken to know the various histopathological patterns of non-malignant breast lesions and its frequency of occurrence. A wide spectrum of malignant, benign and non-neoplastic diseases can affect the breast. Though, the carcinoma of the breast is fairly common, non-malignant breast lesions constitute a separate group which poses diagnostic difficulty to both clinicians and pathologists as it simulates malignancy clinically, morphologically and microscopically.

Methods: The current study was carried out in a tertiary care institute in West Maharashtra, India. Cases included in this study were of non-malignant breast lesions which included excisional and incisional biopsies and lumpectomy specimens from surgical department at tertiary hospital.

Results: 540 non-malignant breast lesions were studied out of total 759 breast biopsies, in the period of six years. The incidence of non-malignant breast lesions was found to be 71.15% of all breast lesions. The commonest non-malignant breast lesion was fibroadenoma, seen in 216 (40%) cases; followed by fibrocystic disease, seen in 177 (32.78%) cases.

Conclusions: Thus, we came to a conclusion that benign breast lesions are complex of inflammatory lesions, tumour and pseudo tumour like hamartoma. Thus even if they may cause lump or not, the breast lesions remain enigma.



Breast, Biopsy, Non-malignant

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