Profile of elderly inmates of old age homes of Patan district, Gujarat, India: a cross sectional study

Punit G. Patel, Uday Mohanlal Patel, Nilesh Thakor


Background: Population aging is both a medical as well as a social problem. The situation of the elderly still worsens when there is presence of chronic diseases, physical incapacity and financial stringency. An exceptional increase in the number and proportion of older adults in the country, rapid increase in nuclear families, and contemporary changes in psychosocial matrix and values often compel this segment of society to live alone or in old age homes. The objective of study was to know the medico-social profile of the inmates of an old age homes.

Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted from January to December 2014 to assess the socio-demographic profile, pattern of morbidities and quality of life of elderly residing in old age homes. Total 4 old age homes and 203 elderly people were included in the study after taking verbal and written consent of the elderly people and permission from the managers of all the old age homes. A semi structured and pretested questionnaire was prepared to collect information on socio-demographic characteristics and morbidity pattern. Data was collected and analyzed by appropriate statistical software.

Results: Around 65% of elderly people were in the age group of 65 to 79 years. 58% of the males and 39.1 % of the females were suffered from cataract, whereas 39.8 of the males and 39.1 % females were suffered from hypertension. Next common morbidity was diabetes present in 28.4 of the males and 18.3 % of the females followed by joint pain present in 20.5% of the males and 23.5% of the females. No significant difference was found among morbidities of the males and females (x2=2.85, p=0.35). 30.8% of the males and 28.75% of the females were hypertensive. Around 27% of the males and 36% of the females were obese and 18% of males and females were pre-obese according to BMI value. There was no significant difference in the BMI among males and females.

Conclusions: The study highlighted a high prevalence of morbidity and health related problems in old age group.



Old Age Home, Health Profile, Elderly Inmates, BMI, Geriatric Health

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