Prevalence of diabetes mellitus in tuberculosis patients: a hospital based study


  • Manoj D. Kottarath Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Academy Of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram, Kerala
  • Rajani Mavila Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Academy Of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram, Kerala
  • Achuthan V. Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Academy Of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram, Kerala
  • Smitha Nair Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Academy Of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram, Kerala



Tuberculosis, Diabetes mellitus, Fasting plasma glucose, Sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis


Background: Screening of high risk individuals with weak immunity as in diabetics for active tuberculosis is of great public health importance. The prevalence of diabetes in tuberculosis is high and the data regarding the same is necessary for strengthening TB control activities.

Methods: This study was conducted to know the prevalence of diabetes mellitus in tuberculosis patients diagnosed from the hospital. This was a hospital based descriptive study conducted in Department of Respiratory medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences, Northern Kerala in association with DOTS center during a one year period from August 2014 to July 2015. All patients diagnosed as a case of tuberculosis from our institution were included for the study. All patients were screened for diabetes mellitus using Fasting Plasma Glucose value. Additional information regarding age, body mass index (BMI), sputum smear positivity and treatment category of tuberculosis were collected.

Results: There was a higher prevalence of diabetes in tuberculosis patients than in general population and the rate was found to be 19.6%. There was a statistically significant association of diabetes with older age, higher BMI and sputum positivity.

Conclusions: Routine screening for diabetes needs to be intensified in the community and more importantly in Tuberculosis patients.



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