Split hand/split-foot malformations: a report of four cases in a family with variable presentations

Sagar Bharatlal Jaiswal, Sanjay Jayantilal Soni, Chirag D. Patel, Ashish J. Suthar


Split hand/split-foot malformation is a congenital anomaly with failure of development of the central digital rays of hand or foot to a variable extent. It is characterized by hypoplasia/aplasia of the phalanges, toes, metacarpals and metatarsals. The presentation may be an isolated anomaly or may be associated with syndrome and thus have variable pattern of inheritance. We report a family of 10 members; four of which are affected with autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance. We discuss here the clinical presentation, genetic inheritance, prenatal diagnosis and treatment for the malformation.


Split hand, Split foot, Malformation

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