Published: 2017-01-16

The single nucleotide polymorphism rs2305957 G/A is not associated with recurrent pregnancy loss

Fadel A. Sharif, Mohammed Ashour


Background: This study was conducted in order to investigate the association between the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs2305957 G/A and recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) in a group of Palestinian women residing in Gaza strip.

Methods: A retrospective case-control study was carried out during the period (May to August, 2015). A total of 380 females, 190 RPL patients and 190 control women without previous history of RPL, aged 20–35 years were included in the study. The SNP was analyzed by tetra-primer amplification refractory mutation system PCR (T-ARMS-PCR).

Results: No statistically significant difference existed between RPL cases and controls in terms of the allelic and genotypic distribution of rs2305957 G/A.

Conclusions: SNP rs2305957 G/A does not represent a risk factor for RPL in the investigated population.


RSA, rs2305957, SNP, Gaza strip, Palestine

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