Published: 2017-01-16

Congenital absence of ribs: a rare association in infant of diabetic mother

Pradipprava Paria, Sutirtha Roy, Sibnath Gayen, Probodh Ch Mondal, Prativa Biswas, Sibarjun Ghosh


Maternal diabetes, type1, type 2 or gestational diabetes has an increased risk of congenital malformation in fetus. It is also the most common cause of perinatal mortality in these infants. Although various malformation reported in literature, our case of congenital absence of ribs and adjacent intercostal muscles in an infant of diabetic mother is not reported earlier. Poor glycemic control may be the cause of teratogenesis. Asymptomatic single rib absence is managed conservatively but for absence of multiple ribs, surgical repair is required.


Infant of diabetic mother, Congenital absence of ribs, Surgical repair

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