Developing a predictive model for estimation of height of a normal child using head length in south Indian children

Raghavendra Rao Chowdavarapu, Sairam Challa, Md Shaik Hussain, Sukhdas Gangam


Background: Estimation of height from length of head has been done in many races but very few studies have been done using Regression Model in South Indian children. Hence an attempt is made to develop a model based on regression for deriving height from head length in a normal child.

Methods: The present study is conducted on 318 apparently normal children of both sexes attending schools in Ranga reddy District between 8 to 12 yrs of age. Regression is used to derive the predictive model for Height and Head length in both boys and girls. Pearson’s correlation has been used to find the degree of relationship between various parameters.

Results: Positive strong relationship exists between Height and Head length with r= 0.733 (P<0.0001). The Regression model equation is derived as Height =11.602 × (Head Length) - 66.309. This model explains that all the variability of the response data around its mean is up to 53.70 % with r square (coefficient of determination) 0.537.

Conclusions: From present study it was concluded that the head length can be used for estimation of height in medico-legal cases and other issues related to identity. As regression equations are known to be population and sex specific, there is a need for similar equations to be derived for other ethnic groups.



Predictive model, Regression model, Correlation, Height, Head length

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