Published: 2017-01-17

Two different concentrations of propofol and ketamine combinations in pediatric patients under intrathecal injection of chemotherapy drugs

Shekoufeh Behdad, Neda Karimi, Razieh Fallah, Ali Ghadami Yazdi, Sedighe Vaziribozorg, Fatemeh Haddad


Background: Intrathecal injection of chemotherapy drugs in leukemic children is a painful procedure that needs sedation and analgesia. Different combinations of ketamine and propofol (ketofol) are used for this purpose. In this study we compared two different concentrations of ketofol    (combination of 1/3 and 1/5 of ketamine and propofol). Methods: In this randomized double blinded controlled clinical trial, 80 Children were studied in two groups. Group 1 received a combination of 1/3 of ketamine and propofol and group 2 received a combination of 1/5 for procedure of Intrathecal injection of chemotherapy drugs. Hemodynamic parameters, recovery time, and drug side effects were compared between two groups.

Results: In this study 80 children age 4-12 years old underwent Intrathecal injection of chemotherapy drugs were studied. There were no significant differences in age, weight between groups.  Recovery time was significantly shorter in group 2 (p = 0.001). Also heart rate was lower in group 2 significantly (p = 0.001), but mean arterial pressure was not different between two groups (p = 0.287). SPO2 was > 95% in all the children during the procedure (p = 0.74).

Conclusions: Combination of 1/5 of ketamine and propofol (ketofol) for sedation in the children undergoing intrathecal injection of chemotherapy drugs is better than a combination of 1/3 because of shorter recovery time and lower heart rate.



Propofol, Ketamine, Ketofol, Chemotherapy drugs.

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