Study of bone marrow: dyserythropoiesis for etiological evaluation of anemia


  • Jignesh K. Parmar Department of Pathology, Shri M.P. Shah Govt. Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat
  • Shamim Sheikh Department of Pathology, Shri M.P. Shah Govt. Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat



Dyserythropoiesis, Bone marrow aspiration and examination


Background: Bone Marrow Aspiration plays a major role in the diagnosis of various hematolgical disorders which are very frequent in various age groups. The aim of this study was to analyze the causes of haematological disorders, and to interpret the bone marrow aspiration findings with various dyserythropoietic changes in it.

Methods: This was a study carried out in the department of Pathology of Shri M P Shah Govt. Medical college over a period of two years from June 2008 to June 2010. Bone marrow examination of 100 cases of suspected haematological disorders was carried out. All details of the patients were the recorded in the department of pathology.

Results: Out of 100 cases of bone marrow aspiration, erythroid hyperplasia and megaloblastic changes were commonest findings and Megaloblastic anemia was most common diagnosis given on bone marrow examination. Other dyserythropoietic changes were erythroidhypoplasia, micronormoblasts, dimorphic erythropoiesis, megaloblastoid changes and other like – cytoplasmic bleb, multinucleation,nuclear bridging.

Conclusions: The sincere blood film examination and keen morphological evaluation of erythroid series for dyserythropiesis   and  leukopoesis and  megakaryopiesis in bone marrow aspiration smear - supported with   other investigation can navigate to etiological factors of anaemia and other haematological disorders.



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