A descriptive analysis of patients admitted in short stay ward at psychiatric centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Parag Sharma, Chitra Singh, Ram K. Solanki, . Wasim


Background: The average length of stay (LOS) at psychiatric centre and the factors determining longer LOS in Psychiatry disorders remains largely unexplored. Longer LOS is associated with social isolation and maladaptive behaviours in patients thus warrants a shorter stay. The observed LOS and predicted LOS among different psychiatry hospitals in future may serve as an index of quality care and efficient management of meagre but available resources in our country. The aim was (1) To study the socio demographic and clinical factors of patients admitted at our hospital and (2) To ascertain the relationship between the socio demographic, clinical factors and LOS.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of psychiatry inpatients admitted at Psychiatric Centre, Jaipur during July 2014 and June 2015. The data was analysed studying the 489 case records. The socio demographic characteristics and clinical factors were correlated with LOS in hospital.

Results: Our study has shown the correlation of socio-demographic factors and clinical factors with LOS. Rural population, marital status, employment status, number of episodes and diagnosis itself has positive correlation with longer LOS.

Conclusions: From present study it was shown the correlation of socio-demographic factors and clinical profile with LOS. Rural population, marital status, premorbid employment status, number of episodes and diagnosis itself has positive correlation with longer LOS. However, gender and substance abuse had no correlation with LOS. Short term and planned admissions along with individualized treatment plans fitting patient’s social background may be more beneficial as compared to long term admissions.


Clinical factors, Correlation, Length of stay, Psychiatry in patients, Socio-demographic

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