Management of infected custom mega prosthesis by Ilizarov method

Karthik Gudaru, Giri Raj Harshvardhan, Vijayaraghavan PV, Sundar S., Ganesan G. Ram


A 26 year old male patient with an aggressive giant cell tumour of the left distal femur was managed by wide excision and insertion of custom mega prosthesis. Patient developed deep infection which did not subside with multiple debridements and antibiotics.  Hence the custom mega prosthesis was removed and the bone gap was managed by Ilizarov method.  Ilizarov fixation of the left femur and tibia was done.  Femoral and tibial corticotomy was done and the bone segments were transported towards the knee to finally achieve a knee arthrodesis.  The case illustrates the method and difficulties encountered during the treatment.


Giant cell tumour, Custom mega prosthesis, Ilizarov ring fixator

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