Spontaneous mid-trimester rupture of a non-scarred gravid uterus

Mridu Sinha, Sushma Raturi, Kimi Alwadhi


Gravid uterine rupture is a life threatening condition for both mother and her fetus. Spontaneous rupture usually occurs in scarred uterus in late pregnancy without any myometrial contraction. But, rupture of a non-scarred gravid uterus in early pregnancy is a rare complication. Clinical signs and symptoms of rupture in early pregnancy are non-specific and should be differentiated from other causes of acute abdomen so that proper action should be taken in time to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. Here we report a case of spontaneous mid-trimester rupture of an unscarred uterus in which prior evacuation caused weakening of myometrium that might have given way in this pregnancy.


Spontaneous, Midtrimester, Uterine rupture, Non-scarred gravid uterus

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