Published: 2017-01-17

Intussusception due to caecal carcinoma in a young man: unusual cause of presentation a case report

Ajay Ashok Gujar, Ravindra S. Ambardekar, Nikhil Rane, Yashsvi Sharma, Sheena Ali, Makarand Karpe


A young 26 year male patient admitted with colicky pain in right iliac fossa with well palpable tender lump. After radiological investigation lump was diagnosed as ileocaecal intussusception. Patient underwent laparoscopy which diagnosed as intussusception due to caecal carcinoma. Laparoscopy again proved to be useful diagnostic tool over imaging techniques in this case. Laparoscopic assisted surgery of right radical hemicolectomy done successfully.


Intussusception, Caecal carcinoma, Appendicular lump, Laparoscopy- assisted surgery

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