Trend of psychiatric disorders among out-patients and in-patients of a tertiary care center of India


  • Parag S. Shah Department of Psychiatry, Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education & Research (SMIMER), Surat - 395010, Gujarat


Psychiatric disorders, Trend, Out-patient, In-patient


Background: Pattern of psychiatric disorders found among patients visiting the hospital helps in understanding the epidemiology, heath seeking behavior as well as strategic service planning and development.

Methods:A retrospective health record review, of all the patients visiting out-patient care and in-patient care of psychiatry department of a tertiary care hospital in a period of two years, was conducted to assess the prevalence and trend of most common psychiatric disorders among them.

Results: Major depressive disorder and Alcohol use disorder were the most common conditions found in out-patient and in-patient settings respectively. Out-patient consultations were consistently increasing whereas in-patient admissions were variable and decreasing with time.

Conclusion: Current scenario and trends of psychiatric disorders among this group of patients is in line with epidemiological patterns and reflects a healthy trend of community oriented (out-patient based) care.


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