Prospective study of histopathological patterns of ovarian tumours in a tertiary care centre

A. Bhagyalakshmi, A. Sreelekha, S. Sridevi, J. Chandralekha, G. Parvathi, A. Venkatalakshmi


Background:Ovarian tumours account for 3% of all cancers amongst women, being the second most common cancer of the female genital tract. The ovarian tumours are highly heterogenous with a wide range of histological patterns. Aim of current study was to study the histological patterns and the age incidence of the ovarian tumours in our institute.

Methods:The present study is a prospective study conducted in the department of pathology, Andhra Medical College, from August 2011 to July 2013.

Results:We received a total of 267 specimens of ovarian tumours during this period, out of which, 263 were primary and 4 were secondary tumours. Benign tumours were 209 (78.3%), borderline were 10 (3.7%) and malignant were 48 (18%) in numbers. Overall surface epithelial tumours constituted the majority of tumours accounting for 214 (80.2%) cases, followed by germ cell tumours 38 (14.2%) and sexcord stromal tumours 11 (4.1%). The single most common tumour diagnosed was serous cystadenoma. The most common malignant tumour was serous cystadenocarcinoma. The age groups affected ranged from 11-70 years. The peak age incidences for different histological types were as follows: surface epithelial tumours: 21-50 years, germ cell tumours: 21-30 years, sexcord stromal tumours: 51-60years. Benign tumours were more common in 21-40 years of age, borderline in 31-50 years and malignant tumours in 41-50 years age group.

Conclusion:The results from our study were comparable with those reported in literature; however malignant serous and mucinous tumours showed a lower peak age incidence in our study. Krukenberg tumours also occurred in younger age group in our study.



Ovarian tumours, Histopathological patterns, Age groups

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