Study of clinicopathological factors, surgical approaches and their outcome in 20 cases of pilonidal sinus

Rajalakshmi G, R. N. Raikar, Harshavardhan Kushal Shetty, Swathi C. Prabhu, Pratheek Sharma


Background: Aim of the study was to study the age, incidence, occupational factor, history of presenting illness, hospital stay before and after surgery, various types of surgical approaches and their outcome in the form of cosmetic outcome and recurrence rate in 20 cases of pilonidal sinus done in 2012-13 in SIMS - Shivamogga Institute of Medical Sciences.

Methods:Primary closure, healing by secondary contracture.

Results:Out of the 20 cases operated for pilonidal sinus, 12 were male and 8 were female out of which 5 belonged to 10-20 year age group; 12 belonged to the 20-30 year age group; while 3 belonged to 30-40 year age group.

Conclusion: Most common age group involved is 20-30 years, suggesting it is more common in physically active age group and since most of them are manual laborers it doesn’t show any preference to sedentary workers  or those who sit for long hours. Also it is more common in males than in females.


Pilonidal sinus, Pilus, Sinus, Jeep driver’s bottom

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