Rasmussen’s encephalitis in an Indian child

Pokhraj P. Suthar, Shreyans M. Doshi, Prakash J. Rana


A 5 year old boy with history of recurrent seizures and progressive weakness in left upper & lower limb. On MRI scan atrophy of right cerebral hemisphere with prominent right sided sulci & sylvian fissure. Temporal horn of right lateral ventricle appears prominent. Body and genu of corpus callosum appears hypo plastic. Electroencephalography revealed moderate voltage record showing mixed activity comprising ill-defined 8-10 Hz alpha rhythm plus 4-7Hz waves and random background delta components at 3Hz frequency. A clinical diagnosis of focal tonic-clonic epilepsy was made secondary to Rasmussen’s encephalitis, based on the features MRI scan findings of the brain.


Paediatrics, Central nervous system, MRI

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