Published: 2017-01-23

Clinicopathological study of carcinoma stomach over a period of 5 years

J. Sushma, B. V. S. Kartheek, A. Bhagya Lakshmi


Background: Gastric cancer represents one of the most frequent neoplasias. Although its incidence decreased over the last few decades in industrialized countries, it still represents nowadays a major cause of death through cancer throughout the world. The purpose of this study was to identify clinicopathological parameters in gastric carcinoma.

Methods: A total of 115 gastrectomy specimen received in 5 year period at a tertiary care center was analyzed. The clinical data was recorded. After fixing the specimen in 10% formal saline for 24 hours the gross appearance of the specimen was studied. The gross findings were recorded following Borrmann classification. The tissue blocks were routinely processed and stained with H&E stain. The results were tabulated.

Results: The prevalence of gastric carcinoma was 4.46%, with male: female ratio of 3:1 and mean age of 50years.The prevalence of carcinoma stomach was more common in rural areas and poor socio economic status. Sixty percent of patients who consumed mixed diet suffered from carcinoma and 82.8% had history of intake of alcohol. Carcinoma stomach was more common in A blood group. The tumor was more common in pyloric antrum (73.04%). According to Borrmann classification type II tumour was the commonest (66.09%) of the lesions. Commonest histological pattern was adenocarcinoma; intestinal type (86.72%).

Conclusions: The prevalence of carcinoma stomach in the present study was 4.46%. High prevalence of gastric carcinoma was seen in patients with history of smoking, intake of alcohol and consumption of mixed diet. Carcinoma stomach was more common in A blood group followed by B blood group. Adenocarcinoma of intestinal type was the commonest.


Borrmann classification, Dietary habits, Gastric carcinoma, Histopathology

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