The nutritional, hormonal and vitamin status in overweight and obesity

Snaa A. Kamel, Mohammed K. Alelwan, Ahmed S. Alqahtani


Background: Obesity is a global epidemic which is increasing dramatically in overwhelming rates among males and females of all age categories in developing and developed countries.

Methods: The first phase of the project involves the questionnaires which apply to all the Participants in research. We also use the lab investigation to determine the abnormality in overweight and obese people. Then we will analysis and combine the results to others research and give output and recommendation that we hope helping us to limiting of increase incidence of obesity.

Results: sample show that high cholesterol above normal average approximately in 31.05% of the participants while the triglyceride rate increased in 31.67%. A lack of vitamin D, as the rate did not exceed 18±6.8, in individuals with the BMI 25-29, and to be 13±8.82, in individuals with the BMI>30. Vitamin B12 rate became borderline in individuals with BMI 25-29, and deficient in individuals with BMI>30.

Conclusions: Obese Saudi individuals have several nutritional deficiencies specifically in vitamins D and B12 despite their overweight. Efforts should be focused to increase awareness of healthy and weight control.


Hormonal, Obesity, Vitamin status

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